Boerne Family Fishing Tournament

Due to Covid-19 our regular fishing tournament cannot be held this year.  But we can't go without getting our kids to fish.  So we have put together a Virtual Fishing Tournament.

Virtual fishing tournament

Welcome to Boerne's 1st VIRTUAL Fishing Tournament!! We could not have our traditional Family Fishing Tournament due to COVID-19, but WE ARE STILL GOING FISHING!

This tournament is from June 6- 21. You can fish from either Boerne City Lake or River Road Park. Boerne City Lake is open from 7:00AM- 7:00PM, daily and entry fees do apply.

June 6 is Free Fishing Day, which means you do not need a fishing license in Texas. Any dates after June 6, you will be required to have a fishing license.

Step 1: Download Fish Donkey app for free.
- If you download the app prior to June 6 you will not see the tournament, do not worry, it will appear on June 6.
- On June 6 we will provide the direct link in this Facebook event for easy access.

Step 2: Create an account on Fish Donkey *it's free*.

Step 3: Register for this FREE tournament.

Step 4: Follow the steps in the app

- You have 2 weeks to catch the biggest fish!

Four age groups to choose from:
- 8 and Under with Adult 18 or older
- 9- 12 with Adult 18 or older
- 13- 17 with Adult 18 or older
- Adults only, 18*

Categories to win in:
- Largest Bass
- Largest Perch/Sun Fish
- Most Fish
- Biggest "Other" Fish (ADULTS ONLY)

Stay tune to Facebook for a Fish Donkey tutorial video.



Boerne City Lake Park
1 City Lake Road

Date: June 6, 2020

Time: 9am to 11am

The first Saturday in June is fish without a license day in the State of Texas therefore adults fishing in this tournament are not required to carry a fishing license to participate in this tournament.

The goal of the Child / Adult Team Fishing Tournament is to provide a free opportunity to introduce the sport of fishing to children as well as create a safe environment for parents and children to enjoy the outdoors together.

 ADULT TEAM MEMBER MUST ENROLL ONLINE and all children fishing should be listed in the question portion of the enrollment.

Please DO NOT register children individually.


Tournament Rules

  1. Team Qualifications: Each team must have a member who is 18 or older on or before the tournament date, and at least one member who is 17 or younger on or before the tournament date. There can be up to 3 children per one adult registration. Team categories are as follows:
    • Child 8 and Under with Adult 18 or older
    • Child 9 to 12 with Adult 18 or older
    • Child 13 to 17 with Adult 18 or older

      Identification will be needed if age is protested or questioned so please have it available
  2. Preregistration: Preregistration is encouraged. The 1st 100 pre-registered teams will receive a special give-away for their youth team members!
  3. Check in: 7:30 to 9 a.m. There will be an informal meeting at 8:45 a.m. the morning of the event to go over rules and fishing technique.
  4. Entry Forms and Fees: This tournament is free to the public. A team entry form should be submitted online prior to the event.
  5. Tournament Times: Teams can begin fishing at 9 a.m., and final weigh in will end at 11am. Please check in at the tournament table to confirm your team's registration before you begin fishing. Fish caught before 9 a.m. or after 11am will not be eligible for judging. In order for a fish to be eligible for judging it must be alive! Winners will be announced at the event and on the Parks and Recreation Website on the Monday following the tournament.
  6. Tackle and Equipment: Live, dead and artificial bait will be permitted. Each team member will be allowed to have and use one pole at a time. It is illegal to use the following fishing methods in Boerne City Lake: trot lines, jug lines, throw-lines. Please use fishing poles or cane poles in this tournament only, no nets or traps or any other method may be used in this tournament. You must bring your own fishing gear, bait etc.
  7. Fishing Location: For this tournament teams will be allowed to fish off the bank, fishing pier, by wade fishing or by personal watercraft in the water of Boerne City Lake. Children should wear a life jacket while in the water or in a boat. Safety is our number one priority!
  8. Fishing Laws: This tournament will adhere to all State (TPWD) fishing rules. For TPWD rules go to their website. A Fishing License or Stamp is not needed the first Saturday in June. This is the annual Free Fishing day in Texas. Fish size must be legal in order to be eligible for judging.
  9. Catch and Release: All fish must be released after judging. Fish brought to Judges table will be released back into the lake after weighing and measuring.
  10. Judging: Categories for judging are as follows:
    In each age class:
    Longest Bass
    Largest Perch / Sun Fish
    Most Fish
    All legal fish must be brought to the Judges table and recorded. You must be in line to be judged by 11am for the fish to be eligible for tournament. All judges' decisions are final.
  11. Trophies: Winners that are not present at the event will be contacted on Monday after the tournament and can pick up their trophies at the Parks & Recreation Administrative office at 1017 Adler Road during regular business hours. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  12. Water Craft:.Please indicate on your registration form or contact Boerne Parks & Recreation in advance if you plan to fish from some type of watercraft. Please note that trailers will need to park in the Special Event Overflow Parking area which will be marked on the day of the event.

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Check-in starts at 7:30 am. Please check-in prior to fishing.

The 1st 100 pre-registered teams will receive a special give away for their youth team members!

Fishing equipment will available to check out on a first come first serve basis at no cost.

Note: Parking is free till Noon during this event.
7:30am check-in begins
8:45am pre-fish meeting
9:00am tournament starts
11:00am Final weigh in
11:15am Pavilion - Trophy and raffle winners announced
12:00pm event ends, but you are welcome to enjoy the rest of your day at the lake.

ADULT TEAM MEMBER MUST ENROLL ONLINE and must list all children fishing with them in the question portion of the enrollment.

Please DO NOT register children individually.