Boerne, TX


I have lost a pet, what should I do?

If you have lost a pet, contact the Animal Shelter as soon as possible at (830) 249-2456 or visit the shelter at 330 South Esser Road. The shelter maintains a daily log for lost and found animals.

I have found a pet, what should I do?

If you have found a pet, call the shelter at (830) 249-2456 to have the staff pick up the animal or take the animal to 330 South Esser Road. Delay in reporting a found animal prevents their fast return to the rightful owner.

What to do about cats causing a public nuisance?

Discuss with cat owner results of cats being allowed to roam into others yards ie: defecating/spraying in other yards, damaging cars or furniture and fighting with other pets. Then always contact Animal Services for suggestions and alternative methods to trapping pets.

My cat has been causing problems for my neighbors what can I do?

Make a "sand box" for your cats to use inside your yard. Attempt to keep your cats indoors at night when cats like to be more active. Have your cat microchipped to help identify pet when taken to the Animal Shelter. Try alternative methods such as deterrent spays, use various plants in beds that cats dislike, use resources available on the internet to deter unwanted cats.

Are cats included in the city leash law?

Cats are not included in the city leash law. Cats are allowed to free roam as long as they are not causing a public nuisance. Outdoor and Indoor cats are still required to have a city license and current rabies vaccination on file with Boerne Animal Care Services.

Is my cat/dog required to have a city license even if it is an indoor only pet?

Yes. Cats and Dogs, even inside only, are required to have a current rabies vaccination and annual city license. City licenses can be purchased at 330 South Esser Road at the Boerne Animal Shelter.

Am I allowed to trap wildlife at my home or business?

Yes, you are allowed to use a live trap to trap nuisance wildlife or cats on your property. You can request Animal Care Services set traps for you free of charge by calling the shelter. We set Monday-Thursday and pickup traps on Friday. Residents may also purchase their own live traps and can either bring the trapped animal to the animal shelter at 330 South Esser or call ACS to pickup at the location. Residents may set traps Sunday night- Thursday and have ACS pickup trapped animals Monday-Friday. We ask residents not trap during weekends or holidays.

My neighbor's dog keeps barking. What can I do?

If the dog is barking during normal business hours, you may call the Boerne Animal Shelter at 830-249-2456 to make a report and an Animal Control Officer will come and observe the dog barking. After hours, you may call the Boerne Police Department at 830-249-8645 to make a report and a Boerne Police Officer will come and observe the dog barking. if barking is heard, an officer will contact the dog owner and notify them of the issue. If no correction is made and several confirmed barking reports are made, the dog owner may receive a citation for barking dog.

Where can I get my pet vaccinated?

On the Animal Services page there is a tab on the left side with a list of vet offices and mobile clinics in Boerne. Mobile Clinics will be updated each month for when they will be in town.

Where Can I Get My Pet Vaccinated