Salaries, Shifts & Fitness Assessments

Annual Salary

In order to advance, Police Department officers must meet established departmental guidelines. Years of service must be continual within the department. The following tables depict annual salaries and payments. Effective October 1, 2018 (pending City Council approval).

Annual Salary

Job Title Annual Salary
*Probationary Officer $49,209.98
Police Officer I (1-5 years of service) $50,440.23- $55,676.58
Police Officer II (6-10 years of service) $57,068.49- $62,992.93
Senior Police Officer (11-20 + years of service) $64,567.76- $74,620.15(OR)
*Step increase after successful six month probation
(OR) Open Range
Certificate Annual Pay
Intermediate Certificate $500
Advanced Certificate $1,000
Masters Certificate $1,500

Current Patrol Schedule

Our current 12 hour patrol schedule consists of four squads with a designated sergeant to each squad. Three of the squads have 4 officers and a sergeant while one of the squads has only 3 officers and a sergeant. In the future we will request an officer to fill the squad that is short. There are two main advantages to a 12 hour shift. The first, the ability to have an increased delivery of service to our citizens and allowing our officers to have every other weekend off to spend with their family. 


Physical Fitness Assessment

Each year Boerne Police Officers are required to take a physical fitness test administered by officers certified as Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist through the Cooper's Institute. The physical fitness assessment is based on the Cooper's Test and includes:
  • 1.5-mile run
  • 300 meter sprint 
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-Ups
  • Vertical jump
  • Sit and Reach
The officer can choose between the 1.5 mile run or the sprint and must complete three out of the four other exercises.  Based on the their score, officers can earn between one to three days of personal leave time.